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Thursday, July 30, 2009 @ Long break
I haven't post for...2months?
I couldn't open Blogger even with the cheat software~ =(

I'm in Medan for over a week now.
My right foot is 95% recovered!hohoho

I finished New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn in a week.
Quite fast,eh?

Overall,it's ok,but I didn't really like the too descriptive side of Stephenie Meyer.
I mean, she described the perfect face, angelic smile, ice-cold skin of Edward mostly everytime he appeared.

I'm currently reading the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the 4th time I guess.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 @ Macao~ +firSt part+
Yesterday I had my alone trip to Macao which was absolutely fabulous~!haha
I enjoyed it so much,,despite all the tiredness and the sore feet.

My 2Giga SD Card was full so I had to get a new one.ckck.
600+ photos!
I'm thinking about editing all of those during my summer holiday,cause exam is only a month away~~

So let's start!
After immigration, I went straight to the money changer,then to the ESPRIT outlet,but quite dissapointed cause it was still closed.Too earlyyy..

So I went was the newest one,City of Dreams.
Oh yeah,most of big casinos provide free shuttle bus service.It helps so much!
It started to rain when I'm in the bus.
I've already checked the weather report for yesterday which clearly didn't state any rain except thick clouds.

When I first walked in,I saw this enormous big screen that has undersea view and a swimming mermaid.Then I looked up and saw this huge crystal light.
*uncontrolled smile*

Walked around and saw lots of boutiques like Burberry, Coach, Ralph Lauren, etc.
Then I saw an arrow that has 'Hard Rock' written on it.Went up and saw guitars that signed by legendary bands and singers.Not much though.

Proceeded to the casino.
The interior was very modern and colourful,with more of those celebrities things like Michael Jackson's boots and diamond gloves, Gloria Estefan's jacket, guitars signed by Fergie, Avril, and lots of other things.
They also display some of the fascinating cars like BMW, F1 cars, etc.Harley Davidson also~

Keep on walking and saw 'The Bubble'.
It's a dome shaped theatre, performing Dragon's Treasure with free admission.The show itself was pretty nice with all it's explosive visuals and sounds.But what annoyed me was I had to looked towards the above for most of the time.

The rain has finally stopped so I continued to The Venetian which located at the oppposite of the City of Dreams.
Just captured a few pics when it started to rain again.ARGHH!!
Waited for a while, it stopped and I snap quickly before I went in.

I think everybody who come to The Venetian for the first time would be in awe when they enter the main entrance cause a super luxurious palace-like hall awaits.
All the paintings and decorations are so meticulous and well placed!

Walked around the casino and went to the shopping arcade.
A canal is surrounding the casino and those shops are located around the canal.
Gondolas are available too...
You can feel that you're in Vatican cause the design inside is imitating the real world, from the building to the sky wallpaper.

It's noon and I had to have my lunch there cause I suddenly got hungry and didn't bring any food with me.Had the wontoon noodle soup and coke.
After lunch I went to the theatre and saw the Linkin Park concert poster~
Haizzzz..It's on 16 August,I'm still at Medan that time!

It's time to moveeee...
The rain was getting heavier..Thanks again to the free shuttle bus!
The next destination was The Sands,quite a new and large casino too.
Looked around and had hot tea.haha.
Nah,in almost all of casinos,various of drinks are distributed to guests and in every hour or so there will be performances on the stage.
We have to be really smart.Don't gamble,don't waste any money but enjoy free drinks and entertainment.lol.

The sun has come out!
So I walked to the Fisherman's Wharf which was beside The Sands.
It's a complex with a Roman outdoor theatre, a fake volcano, a not so big old Chinese palace,and lots of unique European style shops and cafes.

The rain came again,and I rushed myself to the Babylon Casino..
Stroll around for 15minutes and went out,saw the beach and the bridge,and started to snap.
This place is so suitable for pre-wed shoot!!!
After finished exploring all the places,I wanted to have a sip of drink in the Yaohan dept.store,but I couldn't find it anywhere!
Unfortunately, the building has been teared down. I saw the poster of the New Yaohan.

To be continued~~~


Saturday, June 6, 2009 @ Came out from a cave
Haha,I'm just like coming out from a cave.Haven't blog for quite some time yo~~
Partly, cause I'm very busy with everything.
Partly, cause blogger was banned in China.
Fyi, Hotmail, Twitter, Flickr were also blocked in China. swt!
I better not to state the reason behind all these.
*takut dicariin pemerintah* .haha.

So, how can I open my blog and other web now?
Big thanks for Eric for giving me software to open those web.Owe you much!haha

Humm,,,rather big things I did lately:
~14 May.Watched the Sudirman Cup (Indonesia vs China = 0-5).
The dress code was red or white or both as opposed to our flag.
Make-up and wigs! haha. Like those football spectators.

Screamed at the top of our voice and sang for 5hours nonstop.
We sang tons of songs! Started from the normal ones like Maju Tak Gentar, Halo Halo Bandung till Balonku Ada 5, Bintang kecil, Naik Kereta Kuda (yg ada tuk tik tak tik tuk itu..), Crayon Shinchan, Teresa Teng's TianMiMi and Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin.lol.
The drums absolutely helped a lot! =)

Also created some new yel-yel.
Go Indo Go Indo go, Simonnya satu pendukungnya banyak, etc.

No doubt that we're the noisiest supporter that day. With only bout 120 people, our voice could be heard in the whole stadium.Just watch those videos and you'll hear us.
We're mentioned in Analisa a few days later! haha

~17 May. Jinan Culture Festival.
We designed our stand with lots and lots of bamboos. Cause our theme is 'Independence Day',so we built a Gapura for the entrance.

The boys did everything themselves from cutting the bamboos, divide them into half, tie them..They worked from 10 a.m. to 6.30 a.m.!!
Salute salute~

It was a big success!
Lots of Indonesian friends from other school also came..
It was more organized than last year..

We got the first prize for our stand and the second prize for the night performance.
Pretty great yahh? Good job guys..Keep it up!
Very proud of you,guys~
For photos,click here.

~27 May.Chimelong Waterpark.
Full report in Indonesian here
It's a story that you definitely don't want to miss!
Everyone went back with a very big smile on their face that day.. =D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 @ sLurrrrrp~!
This baked potato+mayonnaise+corn was just simply perfect!


Monday, May 11, 2009 @ Belated and not
Hepi belated Vesak day!
Argh,back in highchool I used to go out to numbers of Vesak bazaars in Medan with my classmates.
I wonder will we ever get this chance again?

Hepi belated Mother's day!

Hepi burffddaaayyy to
SaLLy, my dearest cousin!!!
Wish u have a wonderful birthday and a brigh bright bright future ahead of yehh~~

Saturday, May 9, 2009 @ Hot Saturday~
Some random shot when I was buying my lunch today.
Today is so hot!

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